Michael Therianos – Chairman of the BoD and CEO
Michael is the founder of Euroterra Group in 1986, a Balkan peninsula group with operations in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, etc. He founded and runs Euroterra Bulgaria since 2003. He has a Civil Engineering degree from the University of Patras and has an extensive and prolific real estate experience for more than 30 years.

Olga Therianou – Vice Chairman of the BoD
Olga is a major shareholder of Euroterra Bulgaria. She has run the suppliers and logistics activities of the Euroterra Group for more than 20 years. She has a Physics degree from the University of Patras and has also extensive experience in the real estate industry and trade of building materials.

Angelos Paraschakis – BoD
Angelos is BoD member since 2006. He was working with the biggest advertising Agencies in Greece as a strategic planner and as Group Business development director. He has experience in many business sectors from FMCG to Banking and from Automobile to services industry. He has a degree of Creative concepts and Communications from New York University of New York and NYU – Master.

Lidia Gerdjikova – Chief Financial Officer
Lidia is the Financial Director of Euroterra Bulgaria since 2003. She has 25 years of financial experience in other Bulgarian companies such as „Bulgarexport“, „Technoimport“, „Audit“, „Biochev“, etc. She has an Economics and Business degree from the University of Karl Marx, Sofia.

Donika Stoyianova – Executive Secretary
Donika is the executive secretary of Euroterra Bulgaria. Before Euroterra she was working as a commercial liaison between Bulgarian and Greek businesses and companies. She has an Buisines Economics degree from the University of National and world Economy.

Dobrina Shopova
– Legal Director
Dobrina is the Legal Director of Euroterra Bulgaria. She has a degree from the University of Sofia (Faculty of Law).

Elena Georgieva
– Financial Service Director
Elena is the Financial Service Director of Euroterra Bulgaria. She has graduated from the Accounting and Control faculty of the D.A Tsenov Svishtov Academy of Economics.