The Board of Directors is the Company’s supreme administrative body and consists of three (3) to five (5) members, who are elected by the general assembly of shareholders.

Members of the board are elected for a term of three years, commencing on the date of the general assembly that elected the members and terminating with the election of the new Board of Directors by the general assembly that will take place after three (3) years. Members are eligible for re-election.

A three-member Board of Directors oversees the group. The service of the current Board of Directors ends on 30/06/2008. Its composition according to the 17/03/2008 statute of the BoD, is as follows:
The BoD is consisted of the following members:

Michail Therianos Chairman – Executive Member
Olga Therianou
Vice Chairman- Executive Member
Angelos Paraschakis Member – Independent Non Executive Member

The current term of the board of directors will terminate on August 24, 2008 and will be extended automatically until the ordinary general assembly of the shareholders that will take place within the first six months of 2009.