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EUROTERRA BULGARIA Plc (BSE code: TERRA; Bloomberg: TERRA BU), listed on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia JSC, is one of the biggest real estate companies in Bulgaria, dealing with development and operation of private landed property. The company's activity covers the whole work spectrum of big private projects, like residential and commercial developments, operation of commercial landed property, shopping centers development, warehouses.

Euroterra Bulgaria takes part in all phases of real estate development and investment, from property purchase and building construction to the renting or sale of the constructed building. The company functions in a ‘one stop shop' basis for the investment and development of every kind of landed property, based on its great experience and various products and services appealing to its investors and clients. This policy makes our company's model very successful and places it among pioneers in the field of integrated real estate development. Our clients are investors from England, Germany, Greece and the Balkans. They give credit to our company, regarding quality, solvency, control, experience, capacity in management and flexibility, even in difficult conditions of the sector.

Euroterra Bulgaria knows well the culture, habits, needs, preferences and dispositions of Bulgarian partners and associates as well as clients, an element which helps the company making the best possible investments, based on the combination of European experience and know how with Bulgarian sensitivities and mentality. The company develops its projects in Bulgaria, having its grounds in the country itself. Except for the permanent European partners, it cooperates with the best Bulgarian firms in all sectors, an element which allows it to accelerate all processes. Most importantly, Euroterra Bulgaria Plc employs skilled personnel for its autonomous units, which prepare the ground for the development of new activities, new purchases and strategic representation in other companies, from which long-term benefits are anticipated.