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Corporate Social Responsibility
As a growing regional European company, we are extremely sensitive to local societies and especially the local societies we operate, we produce, we sell to, we employ from, we source at and we live in.
We operate mainly in Bulgaria, but with an outlook to south European eastern countries such as Romania, Greece, Turkey, etc., but we sell to American, Greek, German, French, Spanish, Italian and British clients. Therefore, not only for efficiency but also for effectiveness reasons we are, for the last 15 years, ultra socially sensitive with:

• a universal code of Business Conduct
• a standard Human Resources Policy
• an equal Rights and Social Policy
• a UN standard Health and Safety Policy
• a OECD compliant Environmental Policy
• a diverse community work
• an educational policy

A Universal Code of Business Conduct

Euroterra Bulgaria as a European company has set a guiding set of business principles since the 90s. Our employees, workers, executive people, associates, suppliers and buyers coming out from different and diverse countries, economies and cultures such as Bulgaria, Germany, France, Greece, Holland even China.
Only a universally accepted code of conduct could make these operations viable and profitable. Good, safe and healthy working environment, equal opportunities, good and satisfying pay and working hours, integrity among employees, management and suppliers, principles, measures and anti-measures against corruption, compliance with the local laws and regulations and the EU guiding principles is compulsory to every strategic business unit.

Policy of Human Resources and Social Policy

Our guiding principles are:

• Working safe environment.
• Legal working hours.
• UN compliant Childs labour policy.
• Clear anti-discrimination policy.
• Global standard for promotion, evaluation, job rotation, disciplinary measures, suspension, penalties, dismissal and discharges.
• Solid and heavy training and continuous education across countries and markets

Environmental Policy

Our Board of Directors has initiated a group-wide environmental policy for the last five years. Moreover, we can not compete without taking care of the environment we work at when more than 90% of our activity is taking place in major cities in Bulgaria.

Our guiding principles are:

• Establish environmental responsibility towards our employees, brands and local communities

• Support our suppliers, contractors and business in implementing our objectives

The sub-committee of the Board, chaired by Mrs. Olga Therianou, meets on an annual basis to review company performance against environmental policy.

Our environmental management systems will be closely monitored throughout the year. Where feasible, we will seek to reduce wasteful consumption of sources and energy. To ensure a continuous process of improvement in our environmental performance, we will set realistic targets and measure our progress against those targets in such areas as:

• Energy consumption
• Water use
• Refridgerants
• Transport
• Waste & Recycling

Community Work

Euroterra Bulgaria has been active on charitable activities since the 2003.
In short, the company:

• Has extended discounts to many groups such as homeless, police, distressed people from earthquakes and others
• Has sponsored a lot of classical music concerts.
• Has provided scholarship to employees' children as well as students from financially needed families
• Has been involved in local community development programs such as providing/buying books for schools and community centers, support authorities and associations to help elderly and disabled people

Educational Policy

Our Board of Directors has also initiated an scholarship programme and it will b effective in 2008. This programme at its first phase includes the establishment of the "Therianos Educational Foundation" (TEF) and the financial support of 2 undergraduate students.
The sub-committee of the Board, chaired by the president of Euroterra Group Mr. Michael Therianos, meets on a semi-annual basis to review the foundation's objectives and activities.