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Dividends Policy
Presenting the Dividends policy of the company

The right of dividend is the right to receive part of the distribution of the net profit of the company.

In order for the right of dividend to originate the following requirements should be fulfilled:

The fiscal year has to be complete, the annual report has to be readily accepted at the Annual General Meeting, a clear decision from the Annual General Meeting has to be taken for dividing the realized profits.

The payment of the dividend is made through bank remittance with the intervention of the Central Depository. The right of dividend is granted to the shareholders that have gained shares up to 14 days after the Annual General Meeting on which the annual financial report has been accepted and the decision for dividing the profit has been taken.

The Board of Directors has the right to suggest to the General Annual Meeting to accept the decision of distributing a respective part ot the nett profit in the form of dividend.