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Protection of Personal Data
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The Company Euroterra Bulgaria Plc establish in 1, Vitosha blvd, Sofia, Bulgaria notifies all natural persons („Subject“) who are: clients of services, partners/shareholders of clients, agents of clients, members of Board of Directors of clients, persons authorized to accept service on behalf of a client, contracting parties (e.g. guarantors), and prospective clients who have submitted applications to become clients of the Company, that it will process their personal data.

Purpose of process: Access of the Company’s clients to its Electronic services, performance of transactions through customer service and support, monitoring of the Company’s transactions with its clients, protection of the Company’s interests, fulfilment of the Bank’s obligations, protection of the proper operation of the banking system, and promotion of sales of the Bank’s products or services, with the specific consent of the Subject.

Recipients of the data: For the particulars relevant to electronic payments: the corporation with the trade name „SOFIA STOCK EXCHANGE“ and „SOFIA EXCHANGE CENTRAL DEPOSITORY OFFICE“. For the particulars which the Company is entitled or obliged to release on the basis of the law or a court judgment: public and judicial authorities, public officers or third parties. For all particulars: The Company’s Administration, departments and any subsidiary and affiliated companies in the scope of their responsibilities.

The Subject has the right to know whether the personal data that relate to him are subject or have been subject to processing. The Subject has the right to raise objections to the processing of personal data that relate to him.
For exercising your access rights or if you have any objection on the processing of your personal data you contact at