Euroterra Bulgaria AD-Sofia /4EJ/ has submitted to X3 News the following notification:

Euroterra Bulgaria AD has signed a contract with Twin Group AD on 27.06.2008, which entitles Euroterra Bulgaria AD to the construction right on the following real estate: Regulated landed property ІV-994 in Sofia, Vitosha district, Gardova Glava locality, quadrant 18 of the town planning, comprising and area of 1,950 sq. m.
In compliance with a decision of the GMS of Euroterra Bulgaria AD dated 12.12.2007, Twin Group AD has entitled Euroterra Bulgaria AD to the construction right of residential buildings on the above mentioned regulated landed property as Euroterra Bulgaria AD will build the buildings with own finances as a reward for the construction right granted.
According to the contract, Twin Group AD shall own about 20% of the newly built buildings, and Euroterra Bulgaria AD will own the remaining 80% of the buildings.
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