At the General Meeting of Shareholders of Euroterra Bulgaria AD-Sofia /4EJ/, held on 25.06.2008, have been taken the following decisions:

– Adoption of the management bodies’ report about the activities of the company in 2007
– Adoption of the 2007 annual financial statement of the company
– Adoption of the report of the specialised audit firm about the verification of the 2007 annual financial statement of the company
– Election of a certified accountant
– Adoption of the report of the Investor Relations Director
– Exemption from liability of the members of the management bodies for their activity in 2007
– Amendments to the Statute of the company in relation to a capital increase as follows: Within five (5) years following the registration with the Commercial Register of this amendment to the Statute, the Board of Directors may take decisions for increase in capital of the company up to BGN 20 million through issuance of new common or preferred shares.
– Profit allocation decision:
1. The GMS adopts a decision the sum of BGN 101,159 thsd., representing a reserve of subsequent assets’ evaluations, to be set aside to the reserves.
2. The GMS adopts a decision no dividend to be distributed for 2007, but part of the 2007 profit on amount of BGN 584,000 to be spent for covering the loss from prior periods and the rest of the profit to be set aside to the reserves.
– Adoption of a decision for increase in capital of the company from BGN 7,000,000 to BGN 91,000,000 pursuant to Art. 246 (4) of the Commerce Act through a transformation of part of the reserves into a capital by issuing 84,000,000 new registered, dematerialised and voting shares of BGN 1.00 par value each. The new shares shall be allotted to the shareholders in proportion to their previous participation. Every shareholder will obtain twelve (12) new shares per one share held. The right to participate in the capital increase will be entitled to all shareholders who have been registered with the Central Depository AD up to 14 days following the adoption of the decision by the GMS at the latest, i.e. by 09.07.2008 (Record Date).
The final date for transacting shares of this company on the floor of BSE-Sofia, as a result of which the holder will be entitled to take part in the capital increase, will be 07.07.2008 (Ex Date: 08.07.2008).
The entire notification as well as the GMS materials are posted on the web site of the Exchange at and are also available on